COVID-19: Its Catastrophic Effects in Your Restaurant Business

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With the unexpected arrival of the new coronavirus, everything has changed. As the virus spreads, its damage already reaches far and extensive, affecting daily life as well as businesses. One of the businesses that are deeply affected by this devastating virus is the restaurant industry.
Restaurant Business

My restaurant business starts to feel the recession; what should I do?

Before, people love going out, enjoy quality food at their favorite restaurant. Everything is haven until COVID-19 came. Now, people are instructed to stay indoors, manage good hygiene, and practice social distancing. Most restaurants are commanded to dissolve dining in operations and promote takeaways or deliveries. Operations change and gatherings are canceled. So, what can be the visible effects of this catastrophe to the restaurant business? Devastating.

People start to lose their appetite with Chinese food.

Last January, a virus was believed started in China, specifically in Wuhan. The outbreak started there until it becomes pandemic, which kills many lives and continuously affecting people. As a xenophobic effect on people, many diners stopped eating in Chinese restaurants. With this action of consumers, many Chinese restaurants experience a sudden loss with their sales and forced to close.

To keep the fire burning, many Chinese restaurants pursue their restaurant business by establishing connections through phone calls, delivery orders, reviews, and website clicks. Many celebrities and even politicians are used to promote these Chinese restaurants in social media. With these efforts, sadly, Chinese restaurants continue to decline. People prefer to go to other cuisines like American, Italian, Japanese and more.

People go to groceries over restaurants.

As COVID-19 is already classified as a pandemic according to the World Health Organization, people are reinforced to do active social distancing and do self-quarantine to stop the virus from spreading. With this bad news, many people stopped going to various restaurants and prefer going to groceries and cook at home instead. In the effect of the restaurants, customers, as well as sales, will hugely decline.

About Us

This page supports various restaurant owners in the United States who are affected by the new coronavirus crisis. We give priority to Restaurant Owners & Managers who need help. In this challenging time, we need to help each other and share what we can do to surpass the recession. 

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People need to cancel gatherings and dinner plans

As we reached the month of March, the virus already reached different countries worldwide, which makes it a pandemic. Infected and deaths are continuously rising from coast to coast that makes governors in every state issue emergency orders to stop the spreading of virus and lessen the casualties.

As the virus spreads, the restaurant business continues to experience sales drop as reservations start to decrease every day because people are encouraged to stay at home, especially when the government commands emergency mode and includes the operations of restaurants.

At this point, most or restaurant owners and managers are starting to be frustrated about what will be their next step to survive this crisis. Thinking of what things they can do to remain in-game.

Restaurants are commanded to close.

As the number of deaths and infected individuals are continuing to rise, various states issue executive orders telling the restaurants and bars to shut down dining-in operations and open for takeaways, curbside, and delivery transactions.

With the change of operations, restaurants, along with staff, will surely feel the recession immediately. Many workers need to reduce working hours or be laid-off.

What’s happening with many restaurants now is devastating not only in part of owners but also to people who love it. As the restaurant business industry getting sick, many owners choose to close for a while and wait until everything is normal. It is truly heartbreaking seeing open business establishments like restaurants with no customers at all.

Now, the question is, how can your restaurant business survive this?

Let’s fight COVID-19 together!

To tell you frankly, social distancing inside the restaurants can be impossible, and restaurant owners can’t put their staff at risk. So, how can we survive this catastrophe?

According to the executive orders issued by governors, restaurants can remain open unless they will offer services like takeaways, curbside, third party deliveries, and deliveries. As a restaurant business owner, you have to tell people that your place is safe from the risk of coronavirus. It will be better if you’ll go over contactless deliveries and payments to follow social distancing protocols.

As everything goes critical, we have to do one step ahead to survive this game. We must not settle for less and do our best to keep the fire burning. How to do this? Of course, we will not only wait for the customers to visit and get our services. We need to do significant steps on how to bring our target market to our business.

How can we do that? By social media platforms. As everyone is instructed to stay at home, people tend to have more time scrolling various social media platforms looking for what’s is new or anything to lessen the boredom.

social media icons

How can Social Media platforms help you?

Maybe you’re thinking, how can social media platforms help our restaurant business? If you’re aware of Facebook pages, this is actually your perfect opportunity to market your business. Through establishing a business page, you can reach various people around your local area. On this page, you can tell what services you are offering at this moment like takeaways, deliveries, and so on. To catch the eyes of people, you can do exciting promos and offer gift cards.

To boost your advertisement, you can spend a little money on expanding your ads so that many people around your local area will find your restaurant business. You can do engaging ads through professionally enhance images and videos. You can conduct offers, discounts, and freebies that can entice the interest of people.

Join us! Let’s survive COVID-19!

As of now, we set and establish a Facebook group suitable for various restaurant owners and managers in the United States who wants to fight and survive the crisis. Quitting is only for the weak. Our team will help you come up with tips and resources on how to surpass this recession that can also apply to your restaurant business future.

Here, we can show you possible solutions to your problems for almost FREE. We can share our thoughts on which one is right to do and which is not. So, are you ready to set the game against COVID-19? Well, let’s do this now! Join our group today.



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Here, there is no long term contract, and your $99 will only ensure that we will help you for a month. However, if the crisis is finally over, and wish to continue our services, just notify us.

We hope that this survival guide will help your restaurant survive this crisis and achieve more great things in the future. If you want to discuss more about what we can help you, contact us now.

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About Us

This page supports various restaurant owners in the United States who are affected by the new coronavirus crisis. We give priority to Restaurant Owners & Managers who need help. In this challenging time, we need to help each other and share what we can do to surpass the recession. 

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