3 Ways on How Restaurant Owners Boost the Driving Revenue during COVID-19 Outbreak

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Are you one of the restaurant owners who are already frustrated on how to push driving revenue during this crisis? The year 2020 is indeed a challenging year for everyone, especially for the business sector.
driving revenue during coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak deeply affected not only the lives of many people worldwide but also the global economy. There’s no such business that is not hit by the said virus. Hence it extensively affects from small to big businesses around the world.

So, as a restaurant owner, how can you boost the driving revenue during these crucial times?

It is understandable that everyone is in panic and thinks of a quick way to survive this crisis. However, rush decisions might lead you to the wrong outcomes. To avoid worse decisions, you need to plan carefully your strategic continuity plan and market effectively your business to the right people.

In driving revenue to your restaurant, you have to know the right way on how to respond during coronavirus outbreak. Here are some things you can do in effectively respond to coronavirus; some are preventative measures, and some can help you boost the driving revenue of your restaurant.

Establish your business continuity plan

When we say a business continuity plan, it tackles the systems and processes your business uses in preventing possible threats. It can be in the form of a policy that includes various measures in protecting your employees and assets as well during any outbreak.

At this moment, your plan should include how you and your staff do proper hygiene and how you control the possible risk of infection like cleaning and disinfecting. This plan aims to tell your customers how safe your spot is and keep your restaurant free from viruses.

Connect with third-party deliveries

If you want to boost your driving revenue during this outbreak, you need to be open to third party deliveries. What do you mean by third party delivery? If you’re familiar with Grubhub, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Seamless, these are some of the popular third delivery companies in the USA. Their task is to deliver food right on your doorstep from a restaurant. This option is suitable; especially, everyone is encouraged to stay at home because of coronavirus.

If you think you’re not yet connected with third party delivery companies, well, now’s a perfect time!

Encourage your customers to do contactless transactions

According to the World Health Organization, the virus can spread through banknotes. Why? Money is transferrable, and there’s a big possibility that an infected person might touch money. How to avoid this? Try to offer contactless options like charging through credit cards.

Place Hand Sanitizers around the place

As we all know, the risk of coronavirus can start right at your hands. To keep you and your customers away from possible infection, place hand sanitizers from the entrance up to your counters. Place hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol.

About Us

This page supports various restaurant owners across the world who are affected by the new coronavirus crisis. We give priority to Restaurant Owners & Managers who need help. In this challenging time, we need to help each other and share what we can do to surpass the recession. 

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Now, the question is how you can heighten the driving revenue of your restaurant?

Here are some tips you might want you to do to get loyal customers that can last until everything goes normal;

1. Get new resources for your marketing

There are many ways to keep traffic while there is an outbreak. Here are some ways you can do to boost your marketing and, at the same time, your sales as well.

Offer food holiday events – Although food gatherings are not recommended during this outbreak, you can still offer holiday events for significant occasions like Easter, Mother’s Day, and many more. Before getting into this strategy, you have to convince people that your place is a safe spot to have family reunions or small gatherings.

Do effective social media campaigns – As most people are indoors, people have so much time to scroll their social media platforms. To get advantage of this scenario, you can post various information about your restaurant, like how you keep your place clean and free from viruses. You can also tell your followers about your ongoing promos and exclusive deals. This is one of the best ways to boost your driving revenue.

Get into email campaigns – If you have your customer’s data like their email addresses, you can do an email campaign by sending messages to your customers telling about your restaurant’s status and promotions. Through this campaign, you can also say to your customers how safe your spot is. This is a significant step ahead in driving revenue to your restaurant.

2. Promote your delivery and takeaway services effectively

delivery food

We have to admit, and not all restaurants can manage to open during this crisis. Following the executive orders, restaurants should stop dining in operations and switch to takeaways or delivery services.

To market these services, you need to customize your menu to something most families can enjoy. Market your services properly to boost your sales during this outbreak.

3. Offer Gift Cards

This option is suitable for your loyal customers who wish to help you survive during these crucial times. Market gift cards to your customers, which they can use when everything turns normal. Alternatively, you can also promote gift vouchers, which can be valid for 18 months.

Generally, there are many ways to boost your revenue or sales. You have to do is to be open to every opportunity and be wise on how to implement it.



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As the virus continues to become extensive, no one can tell when this crisis will last. All we know now is that this pandemic brings a thousand folds of damages not only with our daily life but to the whole economy as well.

As the economy slows down, restaurant owners can feel the recession and frustrated which and what to do to survive this crisis. Actually, the answer is in your hands. You have to establish more connections. Make your services as your opportunity and double your marketing actions.

So, do you have in mind how you can boost your driving revenue during this outbreak? If you want to get amazing tips and resources on how to survive and thrive this coronavirus outbreak, join our group and let’s fight and survive together!

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About Us

This page supports various restaurant owners across the world who are affected by the new coronavirus crisis. We give priority to Restaurant Owners & Managers who need help. In this challenging time, we need to help each other and share what we can do to surpass the recession. 

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