Beat Your Business Competitors with Effective Keyword Research

Are you aware that effective Keyword Research is one of the main ingredients of a successful business? Yes, it is! It is the first step in optimizing your business website. With these keywords, you’re battling with the competitors without a weapon.

What is Keyword Research?

It is a necessary process where it includes discovering words or phrases which are used in search engines and utilized in optimizing a particular content with the use of those keywords or key phrases. It is also a vital task performed in utilizing SEO, which also gives a great impact on content topics, promotion, and even on-page SEO. In SEO, keywords are like a compass. These keywords or phrases will tell where your business will go or if your company is making progress. In the process of Keyword Research, you can also find out your target audience’s thoughts and desires which can give you a significant insight into what your prospective customers really searching for like the specific words and phrases that they usually use.



How can Keyword Research boost your business traffic?

There are a variety of factors that affect the SEO of a particular website including on-site optimization, content, link building, and technical SEO. But, the main factor that can affect your traffic is how you conduct Keyword Research. By having a competitive keyword or phrase, there’s a bigger chance that your website will hit the top spot of Google and earn high traffic. For you to come up with a strategic SEO, you need to effectively search for the right keywords and proper usage of them. To obtain the right keywords, you need first to figure out who are your customers and their goals as well. Generally, searching for the right keyword takes time. In finding these keywords, you need to focus on your audience and use a keyword generator in boosting your audience insights, which eventually will result in a more successful campaign.

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How to find the right keyword or key phrases?

In order to have a successful Keyword Research, you can try searching how audience search for a particular product or service. Maybe now, there are few keywords or phrases on your mind you wish to rank to. It can be your product, services, or any other content which can be connected to your website, which is known as the high seed keywords.

From these keywords, you can try entering them in a Keyword Research tool and identify the average search volume monthly and some similar keywords. Through this tool, you can also learn which of the keywords you enter are famous among users.

Keyword Research

In discovering the right and relevant keywords for your website, you can encounter keywords which give significant volumes, and you’re thinking of using it, which is acceptable but not practical. To find the right keywords, you need to utilize those keywords which give lower search volume.When you choose to use keywords or key phrase with high search volume, you need to exert more effort to reach top rankings and cause keyword difficulty. Usually, big companies use these high search volume keywords but if you’re only starting with this field, it can take years before you see effective results.

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High Search Volume Keywords

To make it short, if you choose to use high search volume keywords, expect that there is greater competition, and you need to make significant effort to obtain organic ranking. In conducting Keyword Research, you can try to go low. In researching a keyword or key phrases, you have to go highly specific with lower competition. These keywords are known as “long-tail keywords” in SEO.

Set to less low search volume keywords. As a matter of fact, these keywords, called long tail keywords, can give your conversion better. Nowadays, researchers prefer direct and specific terms in searching. For example, let’s take the keyword “dress.”

Strategies in Keyword Research

Now, you know how to look for relevant keywords for your website and its search volumes, you can now perform strategic Keyword Research by looking right on your competitors and also according to season or location.

Maybe now there’s a lot of keywords that are stuck on your mind. But, which of these keywords you need to prioritize. It is genuinely competitive if you choose those high search volume keywords which are not prioritized by your competitors. This strategy is very excellent, where you can take advantage of what your competitors are missing. But, if you choose to prioritize keywords which are frequently utilized by your competitors, it is a risky decision where you need to compete knowing that your competitors are performing well with those keywords.

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Aside from keywords from your competitors, you can also consider the current season. It is a strategy in discovering keyword where you prioritize the current season at your location. For example, “Christmas Gifts” in Germany. This keyphrase can be optimized before December, which means you can do content using this key phrase in advance and work for it before Christmas comes.

Also, you can set a strategy for finding keywords by focusing on regions which include specific towns, states, and even countries. Through this approach, you can help your content reach its target audience with relevance, instead of using “Christmas Gifts” alone. You can try adding a specific country or state like “Christmas Gifts in Germany.” In this way, if you’re providing gifts for people in Germany, Germans will search it together with their country which is more comfortable for them.



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What are the challenges of Keyword Research now?

As we all know, there is no exact algorithm in Google and other search engines. Also, as time goes by, techniques are also being modernized as well as digital marketing trends. What are some of the changes that each digital marketers need to expect nowadays?

Consider the mobile and also local result

You must also conduct mobile-specific research. Some mobile-users utilize some keywords which are not frequently used in mobile. To obtain a successful high ranking in Google, you need to first to make consideration with your buyer persona and determine what the specific terms and phrases are can be used to find your business. You can also consider focusing on local search which answers the “near me” and a keyword with a specific city or state.

Give Priority with Semantic Search

In semantic search, it enhances the search capability through understanding the intent of the searchers and the contextual meaning of the keywords. It usually aims not only to find the exact keywords. For example, you’re doing a content using the key phrase, “Christmas Gifts in Germany.” You can also set semantic key phrases like “Christmas presents in Germany” and “Holiday presents in Germany” in your content. As Google’s algorithm updates, it can also understand the searcher’s intent and deliver related results to its users.

Focus on the content that answers queries

In finding the right keyword now, you also need to give priority to what most of the searcher’s ask. Aside from delivering effective keywords, your content must also provide an answer to your viewers. It is given that your keywords are appropriately optimized, but you also need to prioritize on what is the relevance of your content to the readers.

Getting to know Advanced Marketing

In the diversity of SERPs today, in doing Keyword Research, you need to find multiple channels like other websites, social media, and many more. As a digital marketer, you also need to take priority on what your customers might they use like device and even platforms.


Above all, Keyword Research is not purely about SEO. It is known as the most important foundation of digital marketing. Whenever you check the performance of your website, the keywords or key phrases will tell you where the organic traffic is coming from.

Although you come up with the right keyword, you also need to learn where to put it. In order to have an effective keyword, you need to place your keyword in meta-titles, description, headings, and to the content as well. You have to bear in mind that every part of your website is optimized. Make sure that your keywords are set in the right places to achieve maximum search ability and readability.

With the help of keywords, it gives the title of your company. In choosing the right keyword or key phrase, you’re also making with an important decision where you will lead your website, on how to gain traffic, sales, and ROI.

Keyword Research is very important. With proper choosing and placing of keywords, Google will give you high rankings, which can help you reach high conversions as well.


Top Ranking Expert is Worldwide Digital Marketing Agency that helps businesses to increase their website traffic, generate more qualified leads and reach more sales.

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Top Ranking Expert is Worldwide Digital Marketing Agency that helps businesses to increase their website traffic, generate more qualified leads and reach more sales.

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  • Mon - Fri: 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM
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